Campus Ministries

The Feed A Friend program is a direct outreach to the URI campus community.  Once a month parishioners host a meal in the parish hall for our student friends.  The only ‘admission’ is that each friend bring a friend.   The menus are chosen by the students.  We do this to introduce these young adults to God’s unconditional love, with no strings attached.

Campus “To Go” Ministries started in 2013 with “Ashes To Go” on Ash Wednesday.  The Rev. David Dobbins, The Venerable Janice Grinnell and a number of parishioners descended on the URI campus with signs and ashes so that students who were unable to make it to church were still able to receive them.  The response was unbelieveable and this has become an annual tradition.  From here, the next step was “Hot Cross Buns To Go” on Holy Thursday, “Smarties To Go” on the day before final exams where students were given a prayer and a “Smarties” candy; and “Apples To Go” before final exams this fall.  There’s no telling where this ministry will take us…..

The Rhody Outpost is an outgrowth of a talk by the direcotr of the Jonny Cake Center  and two of our URI students who recognized the hunger that exists on college campuses.  With a collaborative effort from the Jonny Cake Center’s, the Feinstein Foundation, the university and St. Augustine’s,  our students created a food pantry in our facility that serves URI students in need of assistance.  For dates and times click here: Rhody

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